Tech In Commodities Innovation Showcase


Welcome to the Tech in Commodities Innovation Showcase!

Be a part of the Future of Commodity Trading with Singapore's Finest Emerging Tech Talents!

Join us for an extraordinary showcase unveiling the latest technical advancements in commodity trading.

This event is a hub of innovation, bringing together the brightest minds in Singapore's tech scene to present a variety of groundbreaking products and business models.

The innovators in the spotlight will feature dynamic presentations from experts providing innovative solutions aimed at simplifying global trade, enhancing trading and risk management, achieving net zero goals, developing digital freight ecosystems, and revolutionising agriTrade and SAAS.

These solutions leverage advanced tools such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Mobile Technologies, and enhanced Data Visibility to drive transformation and efficiency in these sectors.

This isn't just a showcase; it's a glimpse into a future of greener, more efficient, and secure trading practices, impacting the industry both regionally and globally.

Interactive Sessions and Demos:

  • Engage in 5-minute pitches and live demos showcasing the latest products and solutions across the Commodity Trading sectors.
  • Be part of the excitement as appointed judges vote on the best pitches, determining who leads the way in innovation.

Join the Decision Makers:

Your voice matters! Participate in voting alongside the judges to select the winners. Celebrate the winners, who will be announced during the Evening Social on 24th January. This isn't just an award; it's a gateway to future branding opportunities and recognition in the industry.

Participating Companies

Smart Tradzt

Specialist in carbon footprint and decarbonisation with enterprise software and consulting capabilities. We provide a comprehensive Enterprise level GHG emissions management and Decarbonisation solutions to support Energy Transition and Pathway to Net Zero.

A single platform covering:

  • Corporate Carbon Footprint (scope 1, 2 and 3)
  • Product Carbon Footprint (LCA and CBAM)
  • End to End Decarbonisation Support
  • Carbon Footprint Tracing
  • Value Chain Collaboration

Our innovative solution is powered by disruptive technologies such as AI, IoT, Blockchain, Cloud etc to solve industry pain points.

Chee Kong (CK) Chung, Managing Director, Founder at Smart Tradzt

Chee Kong (CK) Chung

Managing Director, Founder at Smart Tradzt
Smart Tradzt

Huimin Lee

Chief Experience Officer


DiMuto redefines AgriTrade with AI, Data Visibility, and Finance — Using tech to create and connect a sustainable, global AgriTrade ecosystem.

With our three pillars of Marketplace, Trade Management, and Trade Financing, DiMuto supports every aspect of AgriFood trading, redefining the way goods are managed from farm to table, seamlessly and simply connecting every step, and making it visible throughout.

DiMuto was founded by Gary Loh after a decade of running a global fruit & vegetable company.


Tramés is a comprehensive logistics management solution designed to give shippers complete control and visibility over their freight transport operations. Our agnostic platform digitises and streamlines logistics processes by integrating fragmented data, outdated systems, and a diverse network of partners for a highly efficient supply chain.

As a cloud-based platform available globally, Trames enables 24/7 digital collaboration across an unlimited number of users, companies, and geographies. With advanced features such as visibility, automated spend management, and workflow orchestration, shippers are equipped with in-depth shipment insights to optimise their supply chains with confidence.

Ivan Seow, Chief Supply Chain Officer & Co-Founder at Trames

Ivan Seow

Chief Supply Chain Officer & Co-Founder at Trames
Color logo
Jen Wee Kang, Founder and CEO at REDEX

Jen Wee Kang

Founder and CEO at REDEX


REDEX is a premier provider of sustainable energy solutions. Our mission is to drive the global transition to net zero by offering innovative technologies and expert services. With our core products REHash and RESuite, we are dedicated to reducing Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions and creating a greener future for generations to come. 


Xceler is a Vertical SaaS based technology platform offering seamless and intuitive trading and risk management Supply chain services. It is transforming the industry which is marred by slow and manual paper work, limited trust, inefficient document flows and disconnected trade and financing ecosystem.

Based out of Singapore Xceler aim to provide a seamless and unified digital solutions to all its participants. Based on Microservice architecture, the platform is designed to quickly configure the bespoke workflow to mimic your trading SOP, risk profiling of your vendors, track smart contracts, custom analytics and navigate Risk and compliance needs.


Rahul Kumar

Founder and Chief Executive Officer at XcelerAI
Xceler Logo
Siva Gunesparan, General Manager at GUUD Singapore

Siva Gunesparan

General Manager at GUUD Singapore

GUUD Singapore

GUUD is a cross border trade technology company that offers end-to end seamless digital solutions that simplifies global trade. 

Our solutions spans the entire global trade spectrum, from procurement platforms, trade compliance solutions, end-to-end logistics services to supply chain financing solutions. 

We envision global trade to be borderless, simple and fully digitalized. Everyone can become a player in global trade.

Our mission is to Trade for Good. We pursue what is good for people, businesses and economies, helping improve livelihoods, generating prosperity and creating technological efficiencies everywhere we go.

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